What is Policane®

The sugar that
the world needs!

Fresh sugarcane juice is one of the healthiest, most nutritious foods in nature. “POLICANE®” is the name for our product and is the FIRST sugar cane juice concentrate produced using an industrial, mass production process to preserve all the natural bounties of the cane – nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and policosanols. POLICANE® is available as a syrup and in crystalline form (like table sugar).

Just how nutritious
can a sugar be?

Minerals: Source of iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium - electrolytes indispensable for human health and wellbeing.

Vitamins: Source of B-Vitamins (Riboflavin, Niacin, Biotin, etc.) and even Vitamin C. Great for bones and teeth!

Antioxidants: Specifically flavonoid and phenolic compounds (0.6 mg/mL), known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties.

All of the above are abundant in fresh sugarcane juice. You can also find it in traditional non-centrifugal sugars — wonderful and delicious to be sure, but these artisan delicacies are not produced industrially — POLICANE® is the first to retain all these nutrients, with a long shelf-life and many industrial uses.

The ultimate source of policosanols

Poli-WHA??? Policosanols are fatty long-chain alcohols appearing as a thin, waxy film on the outer layer of a sugarcane stalk. In the industrial process of producing sugar they have been largely ignored. With POLICANE®’s patented industrial process, we are the FIRST and ONLY sugarcane-based sweetener that preserves this particular substance.

Why should I care about policosanols?

Exciting research indicates that policosanols may be useful in management of hypertension (raised blood pressure), elevated blood lipid levels (high cholesterol), increased blood glucose levels (diabetes) and obesity.   See Related Studies – Policane.   We are excited about these possibilities and are providing you this information for educational purposes only.  We are proud that Policane® retains the naturally occurring policosanols in sugar cane, but stress that: (1) policosanol research is ongoing and is NOT conclusive or universally accepted, (2) the research cited in this website relates to isolated policosanols (i.e., policosanol removed from its natural occurring state as part of sugar cane, beeswax or other natural source), (3) even if policosanols have health benefits, no studies on Policane® have been undertaken to determine if the retained policosanol levels would be sufficient to produce similar results as those in the cited research and (4) we do NOT recommend, and are NOT recommending Policane® as anything other than a sweet, delicious food.  See Disclosure Information – Policane 


Don’ t take our word for it. Check out our references.

Aren’t policosanols amazing? Now you know why we went all out to preserve them. There is no better source of naturally-occurring policosanols than in POLICANE®.