Policosanol researcher joins the POLICANE®️ team

Policosanol researcher joins the POLICANE®️ team

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan, who from May 2023 was elected and appointed as sciene advisor to POLICANE® ´s board of managers. It is a pleasure to have this renowned researcher as part of our team.

Dr. Raghavan, who has been working with policosanols since 2005, believes that quality of life can be achieved through the consumption of food with healing qualities, it is to say those that provide the necessary nutrients so that the same organism can regenerate.

His research using THP1 cells and RNA sequencing suggests that the genes expressed are involved in 4,495 diseases.

In the same way as jaggery, according to Dr. Raghavan, the policosanols obtained from sugar cane in POLICANE®️ can help control and prevent many diseases, and he told us so in the following message:

“I have had the pleasure of learning about Policane when the founders contacted me about my work on policosanols as described in US patents 8722093, 9034383 and 9006292. We have patents in countries that cover 80% of the world’s population. We have done extensive studies—both in vitro and in-vivo—on our Nano policosanol and a list of all patents and publications are available at ResearchGate or Academia.edu. You can look up our research by keyword “metadichol.” We sell our own product under the names Metadichol, Nano Soma, and Nano Ojas. Jorge Enrique Gonzalez has created a sugar with secret properties that were known to the people of India 5600 years ago. There is even Vaidshwaram Temple in India  (Translation in English means Doctors temple) which is dedicated to the worship of Jaggery (known as NonCentrifuged Sugar). The temple believes that jaggery is able to cure 4448 diseases. Given the testimonials of users of Policane, on top of our own research, the therapeutic effects are not at all surprising. Policane contains enough retained policosanol that is present as a nanoparticle. Refined sugars do not contain policosanol. Our work, which is a nano formulation of policosanols, shows positive efforts on disease mitigation. Jorge’s work and ours complement each other. Our work demonstrates the efficacy of policosanols while Jorge’s proves that if there is enough policosanol retained during the manufacturing process of sugar, then you can have a healthy final product that proves what people of India believed about jaggery. With our work on nano policosanols, in tandem with Jorge’s work, the story comes full circle. He has created the world’s best and healthiest sugar. My congratulations to Jorge Enrique Gonzalez for this work.” 

Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan
CEO – Nanorx Inc NY USA
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POLICANE® is now available for sale and can be purchased in the UK on the site: https://www.nano-soma.uk/pages/policane